Mobotix Mx-p26B-AU-6N p26 camera module (body) with 6 Megapixel Moonli

Mobotix Mx-p26B-AU-6N p26 camera module (body) with 6 Megapixel Moonli


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Product Description

Mx-p26B-AU-6N: Night Model, lens order separately, MX-B036, MX-B041, MX-B061

The p26B is equipped with a light-sensitive 6-megapixel Moonlight sensor and manually adjustable lens (15° distance telephoto to 180° hemispheric) as standard, making it well suited for every indoor environment. Thanks to its competitive price, full range of MOBOTIX functions and inclusion of MxManagementCenter sofware free of charge, this system represents one of the most appealing indoor security solutions on the market. With the MxIOBoard-IC available as an accessory, the camera receives an additional MxBus connection, two inputs and two 12V outputs.

Key Features:

  • Mx6 system platform 2nd generation, with MxBus, H.264 and ONVIF compatibility
  • Recording on an internal MicroSD card (4 GB as standard)
  • For ceiling installation, optional on-wall set
  • Manual tilting and panning function
  • MxAnalytics Video Analysis tools as standard
  • Variants with audio package (microphone and speaker)
  • Integrated vibration and temperature sensor

Additional Information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in