Geovision GV-FWC GV-Face Wiegand Converter V1.00

Geovision GV-FWC GV-Face Wiegand Converter V1.00



Product Description

GV-FWC integrates GeoVision face-recognition-based cameras, software and readers into access control systems by sending access card data, paired to Face IDs, to controllers either through TCP/IP or Wiegand connection. When connected via TCP/IP, a face image is transmitted along with the access data upon face recognition.

Additionally, the alarm output, e.g. a warning light, on GV-FWC can be triggered upon face recognition. For high security applications, GV-FWC can not only pass the face recognition access data to controllers but also require users to swipe paired cards on a connected Wiegand reader for double-authentication.

Additional Information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in