Geovision GV-CR1320 GV-CR1320 2MP Camera Reader, H.264

Geovision GV-CR1320 GV-CR1320 2MP Camera Reader, H.264


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Product Description

GV-CR1320 is a 13.56 MHz card reader with a built-in 2 MP camera. GV-CR1320 recognizes access control cards and grants access as regulated by the connected controller. Its camera captures the live view of entrance and transmits it to the access control system GV-ASManager through network connection, without the need of installing and maintaining a separate camera in addition to the card reader.

VoIP Calls:
When the touchpad is activated, GV-CR1320 will place a call to the operator through VoIP. The operator can then communicate with the visitor and enter an access code to open the door.

Card Swiping plus Face Detection:
The Card and Face mode enables GV-CR1320 to perform face detection together with card verification before access can be granted.

Additional Information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in


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