Flir FC-632-O-N FC-632 O – 19MM, NTSC 30 HZ Part # 427-0097-43-00

Flir FC-632-O-N FC-632 O – 19MM, NTSC 30 HZ Part # 427-0097-43-00


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Product Description

FC-632-O-N:FC-632 O – 19MM, NTSC 30 HZ Part # 427-0097-43-00

The FC-632-O-N from Flir is a 640 X 480 Outdoor Network Thermal Camera, 19mm Lens, 30HZ, NTSC. The Elara™ FC-Series O thermal security camera is one of FLIR’s premium thermal security cameras for perimeter protection. The Elara FC-Series O integrates with external video analytics devices, such as FLIR’s TRK or third party solutions, to classify human or vehicular intrusions. The Elara FC-Series O also offers a wide range of high-performance lenses, with a choice of resolutions, offering greater flexibility for tailoring security systems to specific site conditions.


Integrates with Analytics

The FC-Series O is an ideal camera for integrating with external video analytics systems.

  • Fully integrated and certified to work with third party video management systems
  • Supports open standard, ONVIF-compliant
  • Advanced integration features, such as thermal configuration and alarm management, with FLIR’s United VMS

Industry-Leading Image Quality

Superior thermal image quality in low-contrast conditions.

  • Superior image quality in extreme environments
  • Custom AGCs provide unmatched image contrast
  • Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) produces sharp edges that improve performance of analytics

High-Performance Lenses

Choose from a wide range of high-performance lenses for optimal detection ranges in all conditions.

  • Choose from 17 high performance lenses suitable for any perimeter or open area, including QVGA from 4° to 69° fields of view and VGA from 8° to 90° fields of view
  • High-performance optics deliver crisp, clean thermal video
  • High analytic ranges reduce number of cameras and total cost of ownership (TCO)

Additional Information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in


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