American Guardian

Our In-depth online resources will equip you with the knowledge you need to start offering our state of the art video monitoring services.

Silent Protection

American Guardian is proud to provide security for the following industries:

  • Oil / Gas production and distribution
  • Public utility facilities
  • Boarder protection
  • Car manufacturing and dealership
  • Cargo and storage protection
  • Building supplies
  • Construction site protection
  • Military base security

Discover what you can’t see, instantly

With our advanced thermal imaging camera American Guardian can bring your perimeter security to the next level. American Guardian paired with world class leading thermal technology can detect objects and people even the human eye could not see. We can detect people through bushes, trees, extreme weather, smoke, fog, or deep shadows. When they move, we see.

  • UL Listed monitoring centers in USA
  • Detect suspicious activity via security camera, and dispatch police/security officer response
  • Customized service based on the client needs (i.e 2-way audios; web portals, clouds)